You’ve led a full and interesting life and

want to tell your stories, but where to start?

Guided Autobiography:

A Personal Account of Your Remarkable Life

With a lifetime of memories, it’s hard to forage through all your experiences to find the ones that truly inform your life perspective.  Learn how to go beyond the chronological transcription of life events, beyond the broad

strokes of career, interests, and pop culture.  Learn how

to put into words the stories of when you persevered

through personal struggles, or how you experienced smiles,

tears, and laughs.

We’ve all lived through times of great change,

but do your kids know how you felt about it?  Will your

grandkids understand what was important to you,

and why?

The Guided Autobiography method helps you write

your story, two pages at a time. Learn how to evoke

memories of events once known but seemingly filed away

and forgotten.  Write the stories that nobody has

heard before, and add more depth to stories you’ve

shared aloud but never wrote down. Guided

Autobiography has been researched and developed

by Dr. James Birren over the past 40 years as a method

for helping people document their life stories.

           I am a trained instructor in the Birren method and

would love to guide you on this extraordinary journey.  

                 Click here to let me know if you’re

               interested in the next workshop. I can’t wait to

                                 hear your stories!

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“You are the right person to bring this concept to others because of your bright enthusiasm.”

“Your conscientious, encouraging approach makes the attempt oh so much easier and more attainable.”

“I hadn't thought of my mom's nickname in a long time. Looking at the old pictures brought back memories!”

“It was really very Tom Sawyerish. I find I am more compassionate of my own past.”

“It reinforces that although we all have different beginnings that we all have similar values, finding love and appreciation for what we have been given. Each person has a distinct voice.”

“Margie – you are a great facilitator. Encouraging, supportive, hold space for others with respect, and honoring the process. There is power in reading our writing to others and listening to others’ stories.”