Over the years I’ve accumulated a titanic array of experiences through work, travel and meeting people in a variety of environments, which I intermingle throughout my life.  The blending of my yoga, writing, and art, for instance, came together in my yoga concept cards, which you can view here.  What else have I been up to?  

Writing/Guided Autobiograpy

            For years I’ve written a personal newsletter where I’ve recounted tales of my adventures at home and abroad.  Writing is a passion of mine and has woven its way through my personal and professional life.  I love both telling stories and listening to them, and over the years I’ve found myself drawn to older people in particular because they are unabashed raconteurs.  “You should write that one down,” I would tell them, for your family and friends. And I often wondered myself, how I could turn my writings into my autobiography.


            After doing a little research, I tried the Birren method of Guided Autobiography, and loved it so much I decided to become an instructor.  I studied with a preeminent authority on aging and the power of telling your own stories, Dr. Cheryl Svensson, Director of The Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies in southern California, and earned my Certificate in March 2018.



            Throughout my adult life I’ve been an avid practitioner of yoga.  To me yoga is simply the art of balance – both figuratively and literally speaking.  Not only does yoga help build strength for standing on one leg, for instance; it also helps to temper feelings of excess or need in everyday life.   In other words, it encourages a feeling of centeredness in a chaotic world.  Plus, it’s fun.


            I started doing yoga during in the early 1980’s with an Iyengar teacher in Colorado, which instilled the belief that solid fundamental skills provide a positive base from which to explore various styles of yoga.  I was officially stamped, registered and certified as a yoga teacher in 2006, receiving Special Merit for Excellence on my research project:  Yoga & Balance.  I have explored Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara, and other flow styles of yoga, but I’ve placed an emphasis on my study with Doug Keller.  In 2014 I developed my own method, Deep Release Yoga, which focuses on alignment and the creative use of props to support the body, easing persistent muscle tension.



            Art has been a journey for me, and I find that it makes its way into every other part of my life, whether that be through music, dance, crafting or fine art.  I learned a lot on my own for years until I began studying in earnest with teachers in Louisville, Kentucky.  As with writing, I am inspired by people and activities around me to create and record my life.  I’ve dabbled in different forms and methods, but these days I usually find myself with pencil in hand.

Blending Storytelling, Art and Yoga

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           In a nutshell:  I am devoted to the intelligence of balance. I believe strongly in cognizant understanding but yearn for artistic expression; I’ve traveled widely but search for stillness; and I adore humor but savor the sincere. I am a watcher if not yet a seer, and I like to describe my life as "stopping in interesting places," witnessing the whimsical perspicacity of the world at large.